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                            My Family's History with Bellevue Baptist Church


PARENTS - Jim & Dorothy



SISTER - Charlene





Bernard, the Hospital Puppet


Our Family's History with Bellevue


Four Generations of my Family have been influenced by this wonderful Church!


Diana M. Chiles


"Though the mountains may depart, and the hills be removed; 

my loving kindness shall not depart from thee,

neither shall my covenant of peace be removed,

says the Lord who has mercy on thee."

Isaiah 54:10


(This segment is the same as my "Life Story", 

only this version includes my family's history with my Home Church.)


Pastors of Bellevue Baptist Church


Bellevue Baptist Church

Memphis, Tennessee


Robert Greene Lee

Pastor:  December, 1927 -- April 10, 1960.

Born:  November 11, 1886

 Died:   July 20, 1978


Dr. Lee was the pastor of Bellevue for thirty-three years,

from December 1927 until April 1960. 


My Mother, Dorothy ("Dot") Ruth Lindenmayer Chiles, 

joined Bellevue as a young teenager. 


Gottlieb David Lindenmayer 


Her father had been a Minister in Baptist churches in Mississippi and Louisiana,

and then became the Head of the History Department at

William Jewel College in Liberty, Missouri. 

When he retired, he moved his family to Memphis in 1936.

They all joined Bellevue,

where each served faithfully until their deaths.

Mother was one of three children,


Three Siblings, who stuck together through thick and thin --

Dave, Billy, Dorothy ("Dot") Lindenmayer


Billy was much younger than Dave and Dot, and was born with a short leg.

Dave and Dot were very protective of him.


Her mother, Olga, worked as a Nurse.



Dorothy Ruth Lindenmayer and James Olin Chiles


My father, Lieutenant James Olin Chiles, was a pilot in the Navy.


My Dad was stationed at the Millington Naval Base when he met my mother.

Dr. Lee took a personal interest in my dad, winning him to Christ, and baptizing him.

Dr. Lee encouraged the growing relationship between my mom and dad. 

He even played match-maker for my parents by

inviting the two of them over to his home for dinner.

He married my parents on December 22, 1945.


Jim and Dorothy Chiles on the steps of Bellevue Baptist Church,

Dr. Robert G. Lee, Pastor, 1945


I was born at the Naval Sir Station in Quonset Point, Rhode Island

on December 22, 1948, on my parent's third wedding anniversary.



Even as a baby, I adored my sister!

I was the second child born to my parents.

My sister, Charlene, has been my best friend through out my life.



Jim Chiles, Dorothy, Diana, Charlene, & Bootsie, May, 1949.


While flying off the USS Midway Carrier, he wrote to my mother every day,

thereby leaving us, his children, documentation of his thoughts, his hopes, his dreams,

his integrity, his love for my mother, and his love for his Savior, Jesus Christ.


My father died of polio July 28, 1949, at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington D.C.

and was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

The story about his death was written in newspapers and magazines from coast to coast.


After my dad's death, we moved back to my mother's hometown, Memphis, Tennessee,

where mothers' parents and her brothers still lived.

She also returned to her beloved Church, Bellevue Baptist Church,

which welcomed her back with open arms.

So Memphis is where my sister, Charlene, and I grew up.






Dr. Lee loved my family.  And we loved him.

After my dad's death, 

Dr. Lee kept a close watch over my mother, my sister and me.

He truly embodied the church's responsibility

to care for the widow and the fatherless child.

And we did indeed feel special to him.


I remember the time my mother brought my sister and me to his office. 

Even though we were young, she felt that we were ready to

accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and to join the church. 

My sister answered all of Dr. Lee's questions perfectly,

and I successfully repeated every word that my sister said.

(I meant every word, but I always copied my sister.)



Charlene and Diana Chiles as children


Dr. Lee felt my sister was mature enough to understand her commitment,

but he was concerned about me.

He told me he would let me know when I was "ready."

We always sat on the first row on the right side of the balcony, and

therefore we had a close bird's eye view over Dr. Lee.

He would look up towards us every Sunday, and I took that very personally,

believing he was looking straight at me.

Every Sunday I would smile back, 

hoping that would be the day that Dr. Lee felt me to be "ready."  


Finally the Sunday came when, at the "invitation", Dr. Lee looked up at me

and motioned his hand for me to come to him . . . and to Jesus.

I was so excited!  I have never doubted my Salvation. 


Dr. Lee's Letter to Charlene after her Profession of Faith

(click on picture to enlarge)


Every child needs to FEEL the love of his or her pastor.

I know I felt Dr. Lee's love.

And this helped me to understand better the Love of my Heavenly Father.

I listened to every word of his sermons, and still remember many of his words.


"Pay Day Someday" was his most famous sermon. 

(I have to admit, for years I thought he was saying "Pay Day SUNDAY!")


 I was eleven years old when Dr. Lee retired on April 10, 1960. 


 Dr. Lee passed away on July 20, 1978 at the age of ninety-one.



Dr. Ramsey Pollard

Pastor:  April 24, 1960 -- April 16, 1972


Diana Chiles with her Pastor, Dr. Ramsey Pollard, 1970.


Our next pastor, Dr. Ramsey Pollard,

had a difficult time winning over the congregation.  

It wasn't easy to follow Dr. Lee. 

A few people were unhappy with Dr. Pollard as leader of our church.

About two years into his ministry, the church nearly divided.


We use to have Wednesday night prayer meetings in the “Lee Auditorium”

 -- the original sanctuary for Bellevue. 

Normally, only a few people would come. 

But one Wednesday evening, something was up. 

There was standing room only.  Tension was in the air. 

As Dr. Pollard started to talk, several men stood up and began yelling,

demanding to call the church into a “business meeting”.   

It was awful and rude. 


This conflict finally climaxed with the church organizing an official debate.

A person spoke for Dr. Pollard,

followed by a person who spoke against Dr. Pollard. 

This continued for a long time.  

At the end of this debate, each person was given a ballot,

printed with the words “yes” and “no”.  

Row by row, the people went up to the front of the church

 to place their ballot in the designated box.

This vote was to determine whether Dr. Pollard would stay as pastor or leave.  


During the debate, I kept watching Dr. Pollard. 

He was sitting on the front row of the congregation all alone. 

There were hurtful words being said. 

The problems that were expressed did not involve a moral issue

or theological or spiritual conflict.

The problems stemmed from some people not liking his personality. 

He was a quieter man than Dr. Lee, and not as dynamic.


I had loved Dr. Lee too, and yes Dr. Lee was a remarkable pastor.   

And yet even though I was young, I knew that 

Dr. Pollard was a man of God.

He had even be hand-chosen by Dr. Lee to follow him.

Dr. Pollard was Pastor of a church in Knoxville, TN

where he was loved, respected, and held in high esteem.

He was also President of the Southern Baptist Convention at the time 

that Dr. Lee got on a plane himself and flew to Knoxville

to meet privately with Dr. Pollard.  

Dr. Lee believed Dr. Pollard to be the man 

God had chosen to follow him at Bellevue.

And so Dr. Pollard left his church and his city of Knoxville 

and moved to Memphis and to Bellevue.

Two years later, this horrible, embarrassing situation was at hand.

This was a heart-breaking ordeal for Dr. Pollard and his family.


I felt so badly for Dr. Pollard.  

So I slipped out of my chair in the balcony, 

went downstairs and entered the sanctuary.

I walked across the front of the church, 

and sat down next to Dr. Pollard. 

He looked at me and smiled. 

I patted his hand with an "everything's going to be okay" smile back. 

I was an extremely shy child, so this took a great deal of courage for me. 

It is one of my proudest moments. 


The church voted for Dr. Pollard to stay.  

Around 600 people left the church as a result. 


 This ended up being a good thing. 

                    Those who remained were people who were less judgmental, 

more gracious, and certainly more Christ-Centered. 

            Our church may been smaller, but in many ways it became stronger. 


FEW people will ever rise to the glories of Dr. Lee and Dr. Rogers,

but MANY will experience a time when he or she faces opposition.

I imagine this is how Dr. Pollard got his reputation as

"A Friend to Preachers."

Pastors sought his guidance when they too went through

hard times with their ministries.


Dr. Pollard set a beautiful example of how to respond

in a time of discontent -- when someone turns against you.

And these were good lessons for me to learn and witness

while still "in my youth".


"O Lord, so many are against me.

So many seek to harm me.

So many say that God will never help me.


But Lord, you are my shield,

my glory, and my only hope.

You alone can lift my head,

now bowed in shame.


I cried out to the Lord, and he heard me.

Then I lay down and slept in peace

and woke up safely,

for the Lord was watching over me."

Psalms 3:1 -- 5


When I myself have gone through hard times,

I have thought about this experience,

and the "example" set by Dr. Pollard.


When Dr. Pollard retired in April 1972, he was able to hold his head high.  

He knew that he was loved and appreciated, especially our family.


AND, the church was fully primed and prepared for our next pastor.


Dr. and Mrs. Pollard with my Mom, Dorothy Chiles, in 1977.


As a child, teenager and young adult my Minister of Music was Dr. Tommy Lane.

Dr. Tommy Lane was a wonderful, talented man.  

He was such an important part of the church and of our lives.  

He was Minister of Music for Dr. Lee, Dr. Pollard, and Dr. Rogers.

He served for 38 years!

-- Thirteen years with Dr. Lee, 

-- Twelve years with Dr. Pollard,

-- and Thirteen years with Dr. Rogers.

He retired on April 6, 1986.

We adored him and his family!


Dr. Tommy Lane helped to give me a love for music.


I was very active in the Music Program in my growing up years.


  * * *

After I graduated from Messick High School in 1966, 

I went to Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. 

I became a part of a wonderful circle of friends. 

Our social life centered on activities with the Baptist Student Union. 

We prayed together, laughed together,

and took on meaningful causes as we worked together to change the world. 


 Graduation day from Mississippi College, May, 1970.


I graduated from Mississippi College in 1970 with a BA,

and returned the next year to be earn my Masters of Education Degree,

and to work as a Graduate Assistant for the Communications Department.


Charlene and Diana during our young adult years 


Immediately upon graduation in August of 1971 with my Masters,

I left for Florida, where I taught Speech and Drama at

Haines City High School in Haines City, Florida. 


I lived in Lakeland, Florida with my grandmother,

Frances Elmore Haley Chiles

My grandmother had lived alone since my grandfather's death.

It was great to spend this time with such a grand and brilliant lady of virtue. 

My Grandmother was a gifted poet, and several of her poems were published. 


Diana Chiles, School Teacher

Haines City High School

Haines City, Florida


Living in Florida during my young adult years was also precious to me

because I was very close to my Florida cousins. 

My father had been born and raised in Lakeland, Florida,

and most of my father's cousins and aunts and uncles lived there.

(My dad's first cousin, Lawton Chiles,

was a US Senator from 1970 -- 1989, and was

Governor of Florida from 1990 until his death in 1998.)


While teaching school, I also worked at a very small church in Lakeland, Florida,

Edgewood Baptist Church, as their Youth Director.

This small group of teenagers and I grew very close. 

(And we had the best "Puppet Youth Team" in the state of Florida!)

  This was a golden time in my life. 


* * *

In the meantime, my sister moved to California after her college graduation.

She worked as a TWA Airline Hostess and traveled all over the world.

It wasn't long before she met Ruedi.

Ruedi was born and raised in Aldorf, Switzerland.

(When Ruedi first arrived in America,

he was twenty-two and didn't speak English!)

Ruedi and Charlene married and settled in San Jose, California.


* * *

In the summer of 1972, after my first year of teaching school,

I returned home to Memphis to work in Bellevue's Youth Camps.

Dr. Pollard had retired that year,

and the church was in the process of finding a new pastor.

I was twenty-two years old.


On August 18, 1972,

my last Sunday before I had to return to Florida to begin my second year of teaching,

Dr. Adrian P. Rogers preached.

The congregation enthusiastically voted to call him as Pastor.

There was such a "sweet sweet spirit in that place."

I will always remember that moment.

How wonderful to have been a witness to that historical day!



Dr. Adrian Rogers, with his wife, Joyce

Pastor:  September 10, 1072 -- March, 2005

 Born:  September 12, 1931

Died:   November 15, 2005 


Dr. Rogers' first official day as Pastor was September 10, 1972.


And thus began the "Glory Days" of our church.

(And this continued for thirty-two years!)

My Mother's letters were full of joy and news about this new pastor.


I was able to return home for the summers of 1973 and 1974.

I was very involved with the church during those summers.

I served as a Counselor for each of Bellevue's youth camps,

I sang in the Choir, and was a part of Evangelism Explosion, etc. etc.

Dr. Rogers reached out to my age group and we felt very close to him.

Every Sunday evening after church my "gang" would go to El Chico.

Dr. Rogers went there as well, and he would often come over and sit with us.

We had marvelous fellowship and conversations around that table.

In those days, he had not been "discovered" yet, so he was very assessable.

I felt as if we were a part of a small-town church.

Under Dr. Rogers' leadership the church grew to mega-size.

This was a good thing -- and a sad thing to me.  I still miss those early days.


Because my sister and I returned home often to visit Mom,

through out the years our hearts continued to be a part of this church,

even while we lived far away.


Dr. Jim Whitmire

Minister of Music, 1975 -- 2005


Dr. James Whitmire came to Bellevue as Minister of Youth Music in 1975.

Dr. Whitmire and Dr. Rogers had worked together at their church in Florida,

and they were quite a team together.


After Dr. Tommy Lane's retirement in April of 1986, 

he became Bellevue's Minister of Music.


Dr. Whitmire began several yearly musical productions,

such as the Singing Christmas Tree, the Passion Play, and Celebrate America.

My Mother and my Uncle Bill never missed a production,

often attending every dress rehearsal and performance.

Although I had moved away from Memphis when the productions began,

I also got to see the productions due to my frequent visits home.


In the meantime, I resigned my teaching and moved to Fort Worth, Texas,

where I entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

My studies focused on Family Counseling with an emphasis in Grief Counseling. 


While in Texas, I went through a difficult time in my life. 

It's ironic that I was taking classes on how to counsel and comfort others

 when I was faced with a personal loss and crisis of my own. 

As it turned out, my greatest lessons in a broken life, grief, comfort, and healing

 did not come from a classroom, but from my own life experiences.


"What a wonderful God we have -- 

he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the source of every mercy,

and the one who so wonderfully comforts 

and strengthens us in our hardships and trials.

And why does he do this?

So that when others are trouble,

needing our sympathy and encouragement,

we can pass on to them this same help and comfort

 that God has given to us.

II Corinthians:  3--5



Dr. J.W. MacGorman, Head of the New Testament Department

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Fort Worth, Texas


My greatest blessing during those seminary years

was having the honor of working as the secretary

for the Head of the New Testament Department, Dr. J.W. MacGorman. 

This godly man became a father figure for me. 

His wisdom, counsel, and spiritual guidance enriched my life more than he could ever know.  


Dr. MacGorman is now retired. 

I was able to attend the dedication ceremony for the

J.W. "Jack" MacGorman Conference Center at Southwestern 

which took place on September 10, 2001. 

It was wonderful that such as Godly and Beloved Man

received such an honor while he was still alive!  

I flew back to Memphis that evening, 9/10/01. 


Upon Graduation from Southwestern,

I accepted a position in Jackson, Mississippi, 

where I worked as a Pediatric Therapist

for the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center for twelve years,

from June 1979 until March 1991. 


These were good years,

and I loved living near several of my good old friends from my college days.



My years at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center were fulfilling!


In 1979, my sister and her husband, Charlene and Ruedi,

 were blessed with the birth of Frances "Haley".

When Haley was five, they moved from California to North Carolina,

where their fervent prayers for more children were answered. 


In 1990, my sister and her family moved to Memphis. 

Her three little girls, Haley, Robin, and Annaliese, 

immediately started praying that their “Aunt Di Di”

would move back to Memphis too. 

Neither God nor I could ignore those sweet prayers.


In 1991, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

invited me to be their Pediatric Therapist, which I gladly accepted.

My first official day at Le Bonheur was March 18, 1991.


This brought me full circle back to my home town --

and back to my family.

 Mother was so thrilled to have both her daughters back "home". 

 Returning home gave me the chance to watch first hand

 the day-by-day growing up activities of my nieces. 

By living in the same city, 

I was able to attend all church choir and school programs,

pee-wee cheerleading, sports events, 

and the odds and ins of every day events in a child's life. 

I will always treasure these memories and this time in my life. 


I LOVED my job! 

I thank God for giving me this special ministry in such a respected medical facility.

This is where I plan to stay as long as God allows me this gift.


Returning to Memphis also allowed me

to rejoin the church of my childhood and my youth, Bellevue Baptist Church. 

It has been great to be a part of such a special church.

I was twenty-two when Dr. Rogers first came to Bellevue.

When I returned home to Memphis in 1991, I was forty-two years old. 

(An entire second life-time!)

It was a joy to return "HOME."

By that time the church had grown to HUGH proportions. 

It was different than before, but the sweet spirit had prevailed.


My sister's three daughters had the gift of being raised

in the same church of our own childhood.

During their years in Memphis and at Bellevue,

each niece of mine made a profession of faith and was baptized.


Haley, a young girl, full of Grace and beauty, being baptized at the old Bellevue Baptist Church.

Through out her life, her heart has remained steadfast in her Christian Devotion. 


My precious mother adored Dr. Rogers and his sweet wife, Joyce.

My uncle Bill and Mom were able to travel to the Holy Lands with them,

and that trip was one of the highlights of both of their lives.


Dorothy Chiles, with brother, Bill Lindenmayer,

on a trip to the Holy Lands with Dr. Adrian and Joyce Rogers


Mother volunteered as a tour guide at the church.

Bill taught piano in Bellevue's Performing Arts Center.

And they were there every time the doors were open!


My mother has a major stroke in January 1999. 

She suffered severe dementia that left her in a child-like state of mind. 

I sold my home in mid-town and moved into Mother's home to care for her.

It's amazing how everything can change in simply one day.

Over night, our lives were different.

Joyce Rogers, our pastor's wife, sent mom a cassette of songs she had sung herself. 

I played this tape for Mother every night, and mom loved it so much. 

I could visibly watch how Joyce's music calmed and comforted her.


Taking care of my Mother bonded me towards her in a way I can't describe.

Our roles had changed.

It had become my turn to take care of her, to provide for her,

to comfort her, to protect her, and to love her --

just as she had loved me and tried to protect me through out my life.

She was so excited to see me walk through the door.

Sometimes she knew who I was --

sometimes she thought I was her Mother --

sometimes she didn't know who I was --

but she was always glad to see me!


Due to her stoke, Mother became homebound, which home-bounded me as well. 

Through out my life, Mother had sat on the front row of every church service. 

Although it had now become impossible for us to GO to church, 

our church CAME to us!

Both of us became faithful members of "Love Worth Finding",

Bellevue's television ministry. 

Sunday morning, I would comb mother's hair, fix her up,

sit her in front of the TV with her bible in her lap,

and turn on the television to the church service.


I have video-taped several of these private moments.

It was so sweet!

Because of mother's dementia,

she was often confused and had forgotten a great deal.

BUT, she knew every bible verse and sang along with every old hymn.

And her facial expressions were priceless.


Thank you, Bellevue, for providing "Love Worth Finding". 

 I never understood until Mom's stroke just how important that service

 is to the many people out there who are unable to leave their homes.

It was a special gift to my Mother . . . and to me.


This picture was taken during Haley's Bridal Shower held at my home. 

Mom was my "co-host" for the party!

Haley with her Grandmother at her Bridal Shower.


Mother died August 2, 2001. 

(Our Dad had been buried on August 2, 1949.)


Dorothy Chiles' Grandchildren say good-bye.

She died surrounded by her family who loved her so much!


Our family took her body to Washington DC 

where she was buried next to her husband. 

Sitting on that beautiful hill in Arlington,

we reflected on how our mother had sat on that same hill

fifty-two years earlier --

 a young widow with two small children. 

It is comforting to know that my parents are finally reunited. 

Their gravesite overlooks the Pentagon and the Washington Monument. 

In my opinion, their site is in the most beautiful section of Arlington. 


Mother was buried next to her husband in Arlington National Cemetery on August 14, 2001.



On January 15, 2003, I had an operation to remove a brain tumor.

 My precious Uncle Bill died suddenly on February 1, 2003,

two weeks after my brain tumor surgery. 

That was strange.  He had been so concern for me and my life,

and then he was the one who died. 

He had been struggling with Colon Cancer, but we all thought he was doing well. 

Billy was the third child born to my grandparents. 

Because Billy was several years younger than my Uncle Dave and my Mom,

and also because he was born crippled,

my Mother and Dave always looked out for him. 

They were very close. 

After Dave's death, my Mother even became more protective over Billy. 

He was always there in my family, as he had never married or had children of his own.

 He was a quiet, sweet gentle and talented man. 



William Henry Lindenmayer.

 Born:  July 9, 1936

Died:  February 1, 2003

 Concert Pianist, Music Teacher

Uncle Billy was a great encourager for my sister and me through out our lives.


Billy never missed Bernard's Birthday Party.


"Precious in the sight of the Lord

is the death of one of his Saints."

Psalms 116:15


Bill touched and inspired many lives. 

He lived next door to me and we shared the same back yard. 

I miss hearing his beautiful piano music and his marvelous laugh. 


* * *


On May 30, 2006,

I went into the hospital for another surgery ...

this time for uterine cancer.

I nearly died during the surgery.

Knowing this makes each "extra" day in my life even more precious.

I have past the five year point and am still cancer free.


* * *


For many years our family enjoyed sharing fellowship

 and worship in the same city.

And all of us loved living in the "Glory Days" of our church

under the leadership of Dr. Rogers and Dr. Whitmire.


* * *


Things have changed in our church.


Dr. Rogers retired in March 6, 2005. 



Our church has a new pastor now, Dr. Steve Gaines.



Dr. Steve Gaines, and his wife, Donna

Pastor:  September 11, 2005 -- Present


His first sermon as Pastor was preached on 9/11/05.

Dr. Adrian Rogers "passed the mantle" by washing Dr. Gaines' feet.

I was singing in the choir that day and had a close personal view.

It was so touching, and I cried, knowing that history was passing by.

Little did we know that Dr. Rogers had only a few more weeks to live.

Dr. Adrian P. Rogers died November 15, 2005.




Our beloved pastor for thirty-two years.

September 12, 1931 – November 15, 2005 

On several occasions, Dr. Rogers proclaimed:

“When my time comes, don’t be sorry for me; I’ll be kicking up gold dust on the streets of glory.”


"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

2 Corinthians 5:8

“Finally, brethren, farewell. Become complete.

Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace;

and the God of love and peace will be with you.”

2 Corinthians 13:11


(click on picture to enlarge)


Adrian P. Rogers



Another milestone for our church took place on December 18, 2005,

with the retirement of our Minister of Music, Dr. Jim Whitmire.

Oh how our church will miss him!

Thank goodness he will be returning from time to time.

His ministry will indeed live on and on 

in the seeds he has planted through out the years.


(click on picture to enlarge)


Robin, with our new pastor, Dr. Steve Gaines and his wife, Donna.

December 18, 2005


In January 15, 2006, Rev. Jamie Parker became our Minister of Music.



(click on picture to enlarge)

Rev. Jamie Parker, and his wife, Dana

Minister of Music, Worship:  January 15, 2006--July 2009


The Minister of Music baton was passed on 

to one of Bellevue's bright shining stars.

Jamie was the Minister of Youth Music at Bellevue for ten years,

and all three of my nieces were in his choirs!

Jamie left Bellevue in 2003 to become Minister of Music

at the First Baptist Church in Gardendale, Alabama,

where Dr. Steve Gaines was pastor before coming to Bellevue.

Jamie has a God-Given talent, and it is a joy to hear him sing!

He sang for my mother's funeral.

Needless to say, everyone in our family loves him!

It was GREAT to welcome Jamie back to Bellevue!

It was fun singing in the choir under his leadership.

Sadly, Jamie moved to Dyersburg, TN in 2009.

Nevertheless, I am grateful that he was here for a while.


Rev. Mark Blair

Minister of Music:  August 20, 2007 -- Present


Mark came to Bellevue as "Minister of Music, Special Productions".

 He became Minister of Music when Jamie moved to Dyersburg.

Because I had a part in the 2007 Singing Christmas Play,

I was given the first hand gift of getting to know Mark personally.

He is hilarious, very professional, a marvelous director,

and a wonderful addition to our Music Ministry.



Our new pastor, Dr. Steve Gaines, has big shoes to fill.

But he can.  And he will.

I like our new pastor.  His wife, Donna, is lovely and sweet.

He is funny, loves to sing, and it is obvious that he loves Jesus.

He is leading our church well.


Time marches on ... and people come and go.

I thank God for each of these Godly people who have inspired my life

and the lives of my family.


So . . . the ministry of this wonderful church goes on and on.


As for my family?


My sister and I are now the older generation in our family --

a new stage in our own Circle of Life.


Our family has once again scattered and now live in various parts of the earth.

My brother-in-law retired, and he and my sister moved to the mountains.

My oldest niece, Haley, married a wonderful Christian young man, Andrew.

They have four adorable children!  They too moved away.

Robin, my middle niece, lives in an apartment close to her parents.

My youngest niece, Annaliese,  graduated from college in May, 2007.

She married her college sweetheart, Bret, in July, 2009

They are now off to new lands and new adventures. 


As for my own ministry? 


I have gone through a significant change ...

one I never dreamed would happen to me in my life time.

After 34 years of utilizing Bernard to help comfort hospitalized children,

with 20 of those years working at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital,

on a Monday, June 20, 2011,

my boss made an appointment with me at 4:30 PM.

I did think that timing was odd ... at the end of the day.

When I walked into the room, there sat a person from Human Resources and

the Leader over our Division, and my boss.

My heart sank to my feet.

And then I heard the words:  "Your position has been eliminated."

I was devastated.  Heart-broken.  Shocked.


Once again, I found myself in a position where I had to cry out to my God

to be with me, to comfort me, and to give me peace. 


Life is indeed like a roller coaster at times.

Sometimes we are high and at the top.

I have climbed a mountain before ... and it was thrilling ... beautiful.

Sometime we are in a valley ... low ... and heartbroken.

I have been there several times before ... and I can testify

that God has brought me through the darkest hours every time.

So once again ... I found myself in need of prayer.  On my knees.


But thanks to the love and the prayers of God's people,

I am doing well. 


 "There's a peace I've come to know though my heart and flesh may fail.

There's an anchor for my soul. I can say it is well."

Another song which has meant a lot to me at this time is an old song

that I learned when I was a senior in high school ...

"He is able.  He is able.  I know God is able.

I know my God is able to carry me through."

This song is ringing in my heart tonight as I write this ...


As with most people, in times of trouble,

I long to crawl into the lap of my mother and simply cry.

My sweet mother always knew just the right words to say

when I fell down and got hurt.

She loved my sister and me unconditionally.

Because my dad died when I was seven months old,

I never had the luxury of crawling into his lap for his words of wisdom.

But he left some for me just the same.

My father wrote beautiful letters to my mom

while he was serving as a fighter pilot

 on the Navy Carrier, the U.S.S. Midway. 

These are his words from one of those letters:


"Do not despair for the uncertainty of the future. 

It has looked black before. 

Someone has always come through,

and if trouble develops, why can’t it be us? 

The insurance I have in which I place my stock

is the assurance that I’ll go to heaven come what may. 

With faith in God and this assurance, how can we lose?  We can’t."


I have been amazed at the outpouring of love and encouragement

that has come my way because of this situation.

It is humbling.  I am grateful for a ministry that lasted 34 years.


Looking back over my life, I have known both joy and sorrow. 

I have known times when I had strength enough to fly with the eagles!  

And yet there have been times when I was broken and brought to my knees. 

I have been blessed with marvelous friends and a dear and precious family.  


Through it all, I have felt God's presence and his Mercy. 

And I have known God's Grace. 


A special lady at Le Bonheur use to greet me each day with 

"Thank God for another day!!!!!!"

At the same time, what a glorious day it will be 

when I face Jesus on my first day in Heaven! 


There are many of my loved ones in Heaven waiting for me. 

Each day brings me closer to seeing them again! 

Until then, I am grateful for today.



And I have been blessed with a wonderful Church Home,

which has helped to guide my way through my time on this earth.





“ F O O T P R I N T S ” 

One night a man had a dream.

He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.

For each scene he saw two sets of footprints in the sand:

one belonging to him, and the other to the Lord. 

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,

he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of his life 

there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest

 and saddest times in his life. 

This bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. 
“Lord, You said that once I decided to follow You,

You’d walk with me all the way.

But I have noticed that during the hardest times in my life,

there is only one set of footprints. 
I don’t understand why when I needed You most 

You would leave me.” 

The Lord replied,

 “My precious child, I love you 

and I would never leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering,

when you see only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you.” 

Author Unknown


Jim and Dorothy Chiles


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"I Thank My God in Remembrance of You."

Phil. 1:3