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       Bernard, the Hospital Puppet









Bernard the Hospital Puppet - Diana Chiles - Le Bonheur Children's Hospital - Good Will Ambassador


"A Cheerful Heart Does Good Like A Medicine."

Proverbs 15:13


Specific Topics

Speaking Topics &  Issues that Diana can utilize when speaking to your school, church, or organization.


Diana Chiles worked as the Pediatric Therapist for

the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, MS

for twelve years, from June 20, 1979 to March 1, 1991  . . . .

and then for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN

for twenty years, from March 1, 1991 to June 20, 2011.


Ms. Chiles is currently working as an independent free-lance Christian Speaker.

focusing on churches and children's ministries,

as well as medical institutions, schools and civic organizations.




The Adventures of Bernard, the Hospital Puppet

The audience will be thoroughly entertained as they hear stories of this green little boy’s hospital adventures.  Even a small child can appreciate the message of compassion — an important skill needed when working with a sick or injured child.

Show the Movie:  "Bernard, Are You Okay?"

This film takes Bernard through his adventure of falling off the monkey bars while playing with his friends at the playground.  He goes to the Emergency Department where he gets an X-Ray, learns that he has broken his arm, and gets a cast. (This award-winning video is 20 minutes.)

Puppets, Laughter, & Tears                                                                                       

This classic lecture is excellent for church groups, youth groups, medical and college students, high school students, health care  professionals, and civic organizations.  Focusing on the emotional care of hospitalized children and their families, Diana will share stories from her thirty-plus years of working with families whose children have inspired her life.

Entertainment Speaking    

(Luncheons, Fellowships, Mother/Daughter Banquets, Sweetheart Banquets, Church Banquets, Youth Groups, etc.)

Bereavement and Grief Support

Diana Chiles, former board member of the Compassionate Friends, can help your church, school, or organization in bereavement and grief support.  

The role of a Child Life Specialist                                                                               

A hospital can be a scary place for children.  Child Life Specialists help hospitalized children and their families cope with all aspects of illness and hospitalization by relieving stress and anxiety.  Utilizing play, combined with an expert understanding of a child's developmental needs, Child Life Specialists work with the medical staff to help hospitalized children and their families overcome their fears and provide comfort and security.  Child life specialists do this through preparing the children for medical procedures, normalizing the environment, facilitating coping methods, supporting and advocating for the child and family, and providing opportunities for age-appropriate play.

Diana Chiles has been a member of the Child Life Council since it's was formed in 1982.  She was among the first Child Life Specialists to become certified in 1988.  Throughout all these years, she has had the pleasure of attending workshops by many of the original pioneers of the Child Life Profession, including Emma Plank, (author of Working with Children in Hospitals), Madeline Petrillo (author of the Emotional Care of Hospitalized Children), Sally Francis Keyhayes (former Director of Child Life at Children's Medical Center of Dallas and author of numerous books and articles), Ruth Kettner (former Director of Child Life at Winnipeg Children's Hospital), and Richard H. Thompson and Gene Stanford, (Co-Authors of the Child Life in Hospitals: Theory and Practice).  Ms. Chiles has presented workshops herself at two nationals Child Life Councils and two ACCH national conferences (Association for the Care of Children's Health).  Ms. Chiles has performed workshops for several hospital throughout the United States and Canada. 

The Therapeutic Use of Play / Puppets in a Health Care Setting

1.  The Use of Play to Help Kids Cope with Hospitalization

           A.  An effective tool to help meet needs  (emotional, social, creative, educational, developmental)

           B.  Bridge over Barriers  (time, race, culture, language, social status, fantasies, frustrations, fears)

           C.  Gains and Give Information

2.  Utilization of Play

           A.   For Fun

           B.  To help children express and cope with their feelings

           C.  To provide comfort and friendship

           D.  To prepare children for medical procedures and surgery

3.  Limitations of Play

          A.  Timing

          B.  Fantasy versus reality

          C.  Death

4.  Conclusion

          A.  Review ways in which play helps to comfort, support, and strengthen the family unit.

          B.  Discussion

The Emotional Care of Hospitalized Children and Their Families

In this lecture, the student will . . .

Examine several aspects of the emotional care of the hospitalized child and his or her family members. 

Examine therapeutic communication techniques for use in communicating with children.

Examine the stressors & reactions to illness and/or hospitalization as they relate to each development stage in childhood.

Examine parental reactions to illness and/or hospitalization as they relate to each developmental stage in childhood.

Examine ways to teach parents strategies to minimize their sense of loss of control of their hospitalized child.

Implement the uses of play in medical procedures.

Discuss the emotional care for children undergoing therapeutic, diagnostic, or surgical procedures.

The Power Within

I love speak to churches!  With these special audiences, I get to share the power behind Bernard.















"Children Need More Than Medicine To Get Well."